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Marley the dog walks on the beach at Anaura 2018

Pet Policy

At Anaura Bay Motor Camp, your dogs are welcome. However, there are some very important points to note when camping with your Dog

We are unable to accept bookings for Dog-Friendly camping between December 18th - January 18th.
Please be aware of the native birds on our beach that nest on the dunes, and keep your dogs away from the birds and their nests.
For everyone’s enjoyment, there are some clear rules listed below that you will need to follow during your stay with your Dog.  Dog poop is to be picked up by the owner.

You will be asked to sign a Pet Policy on arrival so we are all clear the rules are understood

If you are asked to leave because of any reasons listed below you will not be refunded

Pet Rules
  • In addition to those outlined below, you are also responsible for being in compliance with
    all local by-laws and regulations. 


  • Your pet must be on a leash while in the Campgrounds

  • ​Your visitors are not permitted to bring dogs to Camp

  • Dogs must not be left unattended at any time. 

  • Please pick up dog poop around your site immediately. 

  • Dogs are not permitted in any of the camp buildings, this includes the ablutions 

  • Dogs shall remain within your control and on a lead at all times. 

  • We count on you to prevent your pet from making excessive noise, being disruptive, or aggressive towards other guests. If your pet is deemed dangerous, harmful, or disruptive, camp management has sole discretion to require you to find alternative accommodation. Pets that make constant loud noises day or night will not be permitted, you may be asked to leave if you are not able to control the Dog’s noisy behavior.

Closeup of a Black Dog
Closeup of a Black Dog

We welcome ALL Dog Breeds and want the furry part of your family to enjoy their holidays too.  We have a beautiful beach that you can run your dog on, but we ask they are kept under your control at all times if off the leash on the beach and make sure that you pick up any mess they may leave on the beach too

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